Empanada Discs
Empanada Discs
Empanada Discs

Empanada Discs

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 12 Discs in each pack.

Our empanada discs are made with real butter and organic eggs. Our dough comes frozen ready for you to fill with what ever your heart desires. These make for a quick easy dinner or prep for lunch, even dessert. Fill with savory or sweet fillings.


Check out our blog post for some filling ideas.

Our VEGAN empanada discs are made with Vegan butter and Flax egg.

Instructions on how to use our Discs:

1)Pull the empanada discs out of the freezer the night before or 5 hours before using them. Place them in the fridge to thaw

2) Make your filling or fillings: 

 3)Pre heat oven to 350, then fill your empanadas.

4) Once you've filled your Empanadas, Place parchament paper on baking sheet, line your empanadas on baking sheet, beat an egg and Egg wash the dough.  If using our Vegan dough, melt your favorite vegan butter using a basting brush bast the empanada dough. 

Stick it in the oven and bake for 20 min.