Sopa Paraguaya The best dish you've never heard of. (The national dish of Paraguay)

Sopa Paraguaya as it is called is not a soup at all like the name indicates.  It is much more like bread than soup. This has to be my families favorite dish, and when ever we are invited for a meal at friends house, I'll ask "What can I bring?" nine times out of ten they will say "SOPA!" This dish goes great with BBQ, thanksgiving dinner, or soup. Anything really.   Be sure to check out below how this delicious or heterei (means delicious in Guarani) dish got its name ( learn a few Guarani words as you go), and of course the recipe.

So the story goes that a cook called a machu in the Guarani language was making the then president Don Carlos Antonio Lopez his beloved white soup. On this day, the machu mistakenly added to much corn flour to the mixture.  As it was nearing noon and lunch time she had no time to start from scratch so she made an executive decision.  She poured the mixture into an iron container and cooked it in the tatakua (a rustic Guarani oven made of clay and adobe). When it came out it was a solid soup.  Nervous, she served it anyway and Don Carlos after tasting it, found it very delicious and immediately named it “Sopa Paraguaya”.

Although there are other theories about the name I like this one the best.  This is easy to make and is very good. 

Did you know that that sopa paraguya is the national dish of Paraguay?  If you would like to learn more about Paraguay and the delicious foods I grew up with be sure to subscribe to my email list and my you tube channel. Eek!!!, thats right people, I've started a you tube channel. Talk about going outside of my comfort zone. I figured I can't invite everyone to my house to eat with me, so the least I can do is share my favorite recipes.  



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