Our Cookies are in Urban Fare... We did something big

Its been a minute since I blogged about anything. Life gets crazy, Am I right? 

Thought it was time to update... 

Just like an old friend sittiing and chatting over coffee, my grammer might suck and I might jump from topic to topic, but I am here, real raw and a bit emotional. 

Grab a coffee, this might be a long one, or not. Again nothing perfect here, just rambeling about our new life. 

We made a big move on May 15, we put a for sale sign up on our home. And with this crazy market it sold in less then a week. We left "farmish" life. We had chickens, so not the crazy farm, but the "we have fresh eggs everyday and running in the grass and hanging from the williow tree" farm life. 


It happened so fast I am still kinda catching my breath., and a few tears. Happy tears, scared tears, missing some things, those kinda real "I don't know how I'm feeling" tears.

Why the move you might be asking? We had a big decision to make about our business. It was a "Go big or Go home" kind of choice. Risk it all, or possibly regret never trying. Listening to where God has been calling me these past 4 years. Haha he never calls us to "easy" tasks. 

So we moved. Our commercial kitchen on the bottom floor and our house on top. With 4 kids this was, and is, a huge blessing and the only way I could work the hours I work.

And then,3 days in our new home, came the BIG order that we had been praying for, and working with grocery store managers for almost 3 years. 

Urban Fare Canada. We are in All Urban Fares in BC and Alberta!! This was a God moment for me in so so many ways. I hope to write about it all one day, because my kids NEED to always remember that when God calls you out, He is the only one you need to lean on, and it usually looks blurry, it is never how we planned it. Because if it was we wouldn't need to lean on HIM, and leaning on and giving it to HIM is a good place to be, and the only place we need to be. 

And then this happened......

We opened our doors!! 

Bringing the tastes of South America to Abbotsford and surrounding area. 

We are open Tuesday-Friday serving Hot and ready Empanadas our alfajores cookies, mini cakes, flan and so much more. 

This takes a village. A village that has supported me, prayed for me and over me. A village that shows up every day, no matter what they come in the kitchen and put so much love into everything they do. Baking, cooking, filling, cleaning. Everything is done so well and with so much love and pride. 

When you walk into our kitchen, my home, I hope you feel the love that goes into everything we do. We want to be a business that brings joy and fills your tummies and maybe brings you back to great memories sitting at a full table filled with family and friends. 

Meet the two lovely ladies and my family, that help me out almost every day. Fabiana was born in Brazil, and grew up in Paraguay and Magali is from Peru. These ladies make the most mouth watering dishes and help bring together all the flavours of South America. 


Well if you made it this far, thank you. Come on by, check out or store front and treat yourself to some of our yummy treats. 



So stand still, watch the great thing the Lord is about to do, right here in front of you 1 Samuel 12:16.

Things look blurry right now, I can't see the full picture, but I know God has called us here for right now, and where he calls us tomorrow is unknown so I will enjoy this season where we are at, anchored to Jesus. 


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  • I’m so excited for you Jessica as you take on this new venture. I enjoyed reading your blog and hearing about how God has led you to this new location. I’m also excited for me because I work at the school a block from your place and I’m so looking forward to spoiling myself with lunch and treats from your business. And I’m excited about Casa de Luz being part of your venture as our church is also a supporter. Looking forward to seeing you in September!!


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